About Us

Corona Briefer is not tied to or sponsored by any government, political organization, for-profit or non-profit entity.

Working in their respective lines of business prior to the outbreak, a group of amateur-spirited individuals combined their strengths from their careers: research, coding, web development, copy-editing, and translation. 

The Corona Briefer team receives voluntary support from medical and other fields while striving to make a meaningful contribution to the fight against Covid-19. We use a centralized cloud platform to exchange information and verify our sources so that every reader can be protected from disinformation. 

We pride ourselves on being a facilitator in this process. We work around the lock to offer the most systematic information so that the 21st century's most significant human-threatening phenomenon can be overcome. We look forward to the days when we curate Corona Briefer only for archive purposes! 

If you wish to express any feedback or desire to cooperate with us, just drop an email.