Cooking in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Cooking in the Coronavirus Pandemic

Those who cook themselves can find happiness...

Because of coronavirus, we are drawn to cooking again, and we should keep it that way. Because cooking is not only communicative, it also teaches us a forgotten craft.

Prolonged Coronavirus Crisis, New Cooking Habits

How quickly we forget everything again and how quickly everything changes again. The time of lockdown, when life stands still and everything is different from one day to the next, suddenly seems very far in Summer. Then comes the wintertime when we face gloomy statistics and an increasing number of coronavirus infections and deaths. It would help if you used this moment to become aware of what you want to take with you in the form of immaterial gains.

It can be cooking. Usually, it has been determined by one principle so far: quick and practical. Eat pizza at the Italian restaurant, quickly get done with a Turkish snack. Cooking is something that can be integrated into an often very stressful everyday life.

Fast-food Frenzy, no more

The lockdown changed everything. Suddenly the days have become still but exhausting in a different way. If you are a part of the majority, you have too much free time for leisure activities. And the restaurants are confined, only allowed to sell takeaway dishes, wrapped in far too much plastic. Cooking and eating together became a new family ritual. It is wonderful. All the recipes cut out of magazines and newspapers, all the cookbooks that had accumulated over the years, are finally good for something. And it is fun to dig into the details. Arduous activity brings a sense of achievement when it works and tastes good.

The fact that the coronavirus crisis has driven many back to the stove should actually not be a myth. The bookseller around the corner says that he has never sold as many cookbooks as in the past few weeks. The owner of the vegetable stall confirms that his business is booming. A freelance journalist colleague who writes about cooking reports that the editorial offices have showered her with orders. Baking recipes, dishes and tips for preserving were in demand like never before. 

The best thing about cooking more again is that you do it with your hands. That the office worker can become a craftsman again, at least in his free time. And that you can talk to each other so nicely while you stand in the kitchen and chop the vegetables, cut the meat, stir a cream. That the children also have fun preparing something for dinner together.

We have to learn how to cook anew, that the knowledge of how to prepare simple soup, a roast or a salad is disappearing more and more. Only those who develop an intimate relationship with what they eat, only those who know what it takes for a dish to find its way onto the table can appreciate the food. Let's roll up our sleeves.