How does Australia Deal with Coronavirus in Early January 2021

How does Australia Deals with Coronavirus in Early January 2021

There have been very few new infections in Australia in recent months. After minor outbreaks in the Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane areas, the authorities issued stricter regulations. The capital of New South Wales and its surroundings, especially the northern outskirts on the coast, have been declared hotspots. Travel across the borders of the federal states is severely restricted. Latest information on Sydney.

Returnees from abroad will be slowed down again as the country will greatly reduce the maximum number of passengers per week. The prices for flight tickets are likely to rise again significantly as a result. Funding has been increased for people with financial problems. The country is not expected to open to international traffic before the second half of the year.

Tourists are not allowed to enter the country until further notice. International departure and entry are also considerably restricted for others. Returnees have to pay comparatively high fees for the 14-day quarantine. See Returning to Australia. Australian citizens and long-term residents wishing to return to Australia can register here.

The daily updated overview is published by the health authority here.

Although the number of cases is comparatively low, the state of emergency applies. This so-called "Human Biosecurity Emergency Period" is the legal basis for a wide range of special regulations.

Travelers arriving in Australia from abroad are received and examined by special forces. These passengers cannot continue to their place of residence and are not allowed to have personal contact with others for two weeks. The newcomers are taken to specially designated accommodation near the airport and have to remain in isolation there for two weeks. Coronavirus tests are carried out on arrival and before leaving the quarantine. Internet and telephone contact is made possible. Friends and family are urged not to pick up or visit these passengers at the airport personally. There is a very active page on Facebook: Hotel Quarantine Australia.

Travelers from the so-called green zone are exempt from this quarantine. This zone currently only applies to New Zealand.

Quarantine fees: The costs to be paid range between AUD 2,500 and AUD 3,000 for individual adults and AUD 500 for children. They can exceed AUD 5,000 for families. Low wage earners can apply for deferral and reduction. Here are all details on those returning to Australia and

All current regulations can be found on and the COVID-19 Restriction Checker.

The Australian government urges anyone experiencing symptoms to call a clinic immediately and get a free test. Details and a list of the contact points for the respective federal state at

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