How to Preserve your Mental Health during Coronavirus

How to Preserve your Mental Health during Coronavirus

Numerous rules and measures currently apply to curb the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. They have a strong influence on the whole of life and are sometimes associated with great restrictions. Isolation or quarantine at home, for example, is tough for many people and can also affect their mental well-being. Here are some information and tips to help you.

Structure your day

Give the days and the week a structure. In this way, you avoid insecurity, helplessness, and stressful situations. So plan your activities for the next few days and make a list of things to do. It is also encouraging to use a “done” list to keep track of what you've done. If you work from home, it can help you to keep normal working hours and, if possible, the workflow too. Perhaps you and your colleagues will take a virtual daily coffee break as a video chat or conference call.

Do things that are good for you.

Plan activities and habits into your daily routine that you enjoy doing and that you can consciously enjoy. Maybe you like to watch a good movie or enjoy reading or painting. Prepare special dishes and enjoy the food. Make sure you get enough sleep and regular exercise as well. Get out in the fresh air. However, always observe the rules and recommendations of conduct. All of this has a positive effect on physical and mental balance.

Maintain your contacts

Even if face-to-face meetings with neighbors, acquaintances, or friends cannot take place at the moment, there is always the option of staying in touch via phone, video chat, or social media. Exchange ideas with one another and motivate one another to deal well with the current phase. It is also good to discuss topics other than “Corona” from time to time.

Make yourself aware of this

A lot of rumors and dubious reports are currently circulating. Check with trustworthy sources. How to distinguish correct from incorrect information and what to consider when searching for information on the Internet and other media can be found on the Identifying reliable information page. 

Also, be conscious and targeted when looking for information. For example, you can determine at what intervals or at what times you want to be updated. Listening to the news or reading information online all the time can be stressful. 

Use support options and help if you feel psychologically stressed by the Corona crisis!

People who feel psychologically stressed due to the Corona crisis or for other reasons often find help and support from someone they trust in their personal environment. This can be relatives, friends, or other close people. However, if this support is not available in the personal environment or insufficient, those affected and/or their relatives should get help and professional support.

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