60 People Infected with Coronavirus in the Amazon Sorting Center in Garbsen

Around 345,000 active cases in Germany

Now, of all people, it hits those who work particularly hard for us before Christmas. The Amazon sorting center in Garbsen near Hanover reports a corona outbreak. So far, around 60 people are known who have tested positive for the virus, said Christoph Borschel, spokesman for the Hanover region.

According to the information provided by the health department employees on the premises, they already got a picture on Monday. "The next steps are currently being coordinated between the Hanover region's health department and the local management," said Borschel.

Amazon confirmed the statements of the health department, but will not comment on specific cases, according to a spokeswoman.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the company has taken precautions worldwide to protect its employees - including additional handwashing stations, masks, disinfectants and thermometers. Employees who tested positive would have to go to a paid quarantine. Contact persons must also stay at home, the company said.