A Study Shows how the Coronavirus Spreads during a Flight

A study in Seoul confirms that a woman caught Covid-19 in the bathroom of a plane flying with 300 people wearing N95 masks.

Researchers at the Soonchunhyang University School of Medicine in Seoul have published a study in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases in which they claim that a 28-year-old woman was infected with coronavirus in an airplane bathroom.

This incident occurred last March on a flight in which there were 300 South Korean passengers, all of them wearing N95 masks, who had to be evacuated in Milan.

The flight, organized by South Korea, entailed preventive measures against Covid-19 and all passengers and crew were examined before getting on the plane. Eleven people showed symptoms before getting on the plane and they remained on the ground.

Upon reaching their destination they were quarantined

Upon landing, all the passengers were quarantined six passengers, who were asymptomatic, tested positive within days. And at the end of the quarantine, a passenger tested positive after having previously tested negative and had to be hospitalized.

Researchers' conclusions

Faced with this, the study's researchers point out that “the bathroom was shared by passengers sitting nearby, including an asymptomatic coronavirus patient. She was sitting three rows away from the asymptomatic patient."

Scientists at Soonchunhyang University came to the following conclusion: “Since the woman did not go out and quarantined herself for three weeks at her home in Italy before the flight and did not use public transport to get to the airport, it is very probable that her infection was transmitted on the flight through indirect contact with an asymptomatic patient”.