An expert on aerosols predicts what coronavirus may present in January 2021

José Luis Jiménez, professor at the University of Colorado and one of the world's leading experts on aerosols, was critical of a likely complacency over coronavirus on la Sexta Noche.

The arrival of Christmas worries leaders and experts because of the danger that it may be accompanied by an increase in coronavirus cases during January. "We have a rule in Spain that will allow us to get together up to 10 to celebrate these holidays. How do you think we are going to meet in January if the holidays are the way they allow us to?" he was asked.

The expert assured that a tremendous wave would lead to a lot of deaths and collapsed hospitals saying, "It is the ideal situation for contagion: a small and closed place, with many people, taking off our masks and speaking loudly, the virus can no longer ask us for more."

Jiménez said that he focused on science, not second-guesses, adding that no risks should be taken, although the situation would depend on many other factors during these days. The expert concluded by advising that it should be said that Christmas can be instead celebrated in June with a feast this year. "We would have to meet the household only, and we see the others on the phone," he remarked.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel already showed her concern last week with a moving speech in which she almost burst into tears: "I'm sorry, I'm sorry from the bottom of my heart, but if the price we pay to celebrate Christmas is 590 deaths a day, in my opinion, it is unacceptable".

"All I want to say is that if we have too many contacts now the days before and it ends up being the last Christmas with our grandparents, then we have done something wrong. We must not let that happen," Merkel said.