Continued Coronavirus Updates on January 20, 2021

Continued Coronavirus Updates on January 20, 2021

Because of the danger posed by the virus variant from Great Britain, the Dutch government wants to issue a night exit ban.

Russia applies for approval of the vaccine "Sputnik V" in the EU.

The evening before their swearing-in ceremony, future US President Biden and future Vice President Harris held a memorial ceremony to commemorate the hundreds of thousands of corona deaths in the country.

The new US President Biden wants to maintain the entry bans for passengers from Europe and thus repeal an order by the outgoing President Trump.

With 16.5 deaths per million people, the corona death rate in Great Britain is higher than anywhere else.

Acting Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has proposed a night curfew. It should last from 8:30 p.m. to 4:30 a.m. and initially be limited to February 9th. Otherwise, the infection situation can no longer be brought under control, said Rutte on Wednesday with a view to the mutated corona virus from Great Britain, which is spreading in the Netherlands, and other variants. Parliament has yet to approve the curfew. Anyone who would then be found without a special permit risked a fine of 95 euros, said Rutte.


For the Dutch, the exit ban is a politically sensitive issue. The memory of the nocturnal "lock time" with which the hated German occupiers tormented the country during the Second World War is still very much alive. Prime Minister Rutte and Acting Minister of Health Hugo de Jonge described the possible consequences if the applicable measures were not tightened. "I don't want a curfew either, nobody wants that, but we believe it has to be," said Rutte. "We see a third wave coming our way," said De Jonge. The British variant will dominate the country in March or April and is currently spreading with an R number of 1.3.


Citizens are also "strongly advised" not to receive more than one visitor a day at home. Entry from Great Britain, South Africa, Brazil and several other countries will be banned from Saturday.

Russia applies for approval of vaccine "Sputnik V" in the EU

Russia is striving to register its corona vaccine "Sputnik V" in the European Union. A corresponding application had been submitted to the European Medicines Agency (EMA), announced the state direct investment fund in Moscow on Wednesday, which is co-financing the vaccine and marketing it abroad. An exam is expected next month. As early as this Friday, Russia wants to have the quality, safety and effectiveness of "Sputnik V" assessed by the World Health Organization.

The active ingredient was the first in the world to be released for broad use in the population in mid-August, although important tests had passed by then. That triggered international criticism. No independent studies are known to date. In Russia, vaccinations with "Sputnik V" have been running since the beginning of December - parallel to test phase III. According to the Russian government, 60 percent of the population should be vaccinated by summer. To date, more than 1.5 million people have received the vaccine. With "EpiVacCorona" the Russian government has already released a second vaccine. According to the authorities, mass production will begin next month. Therefore, only "Sputnik V" will be injected until March.

Russia also sells the vaccine abroad - including to Hungary, Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan in Central Asia. According to Russian information, it will also be used in Argentina, Bolivia, Serbia and Venezuela after an emergency approval. According to experts, various vaccines are necessary to fight the pandemic around the world.


Biden: "In order to heal we have to remember"

On the evening before their swearing in, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris held a memorial ceremony to remember the hundreds of thousands of corona deaths in the country. "In order to heal, we have to remember," said the future US president on Tuesday evening (local time) at the ceremony in the capital Washington. Future Vice President Harris said that Americans had mourned alone for many months. That evening the nation mourned together. She hopes that the country will emerge from the crisis with the knowledge that it will appreciate the simple moments more and open up to one another.


Biden and Harris are due to be sworn in in Washington on Wednesday afternoon. The reflection pool at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington was lit for the ceremony, which the two of them attended with their spouses. There were also light installations on public buildings in other US cities in memory of the victims of the pandemic in the USA.


On Tuesday, the United States passed another gloomy milestone in the corona crisis: More than 400,000 people have died there since the beginning of the pandemic after being infected with the Sars-CoV-2 pathogen, according to new data from the Johns Hopkins University of Baltimore. In the past few days, more than 3,000 new deaths and more than 200,000 new infections within 24 hours have been recorded. In absolute terms, the United States is the country with the highest number of recorded infections and deaths. Biden has made containing the pandemic one of the top priorities of his future government.


Biden spokeswoman: Entry stop from Europe should not be lifted

The new US President Joe Biden wants to maintain the entry bans for passengers from Europe and thus repeal an order by the outgoing President Donald Trump. Trump had ordered an end to the entry ban for foreigners from large parts of Europe and from Brazil to the USA. The restrictions for travelers from the Schengen area, Great Britain and Ireland as well as Brazil would be lifted on January 26, it said in a ruling distributed by the White House on Monday evening (local time). Trump pointed out that from this date onwards, proof of a negative corona test would be required on all international flights to the USA before departure.


On medical advice, the government is not planning to lift the entry bans, a Bidens spokeswoman tweeted on Monday - immediately after Trump announced their cancellation. "As the pandemic worsens and highly contagious variants spread around the world, it is not the time to lift restrictions on international travel," the spokeswoman tweeted.


Trump's term of office ends this Wednesday with the swearing-in of his successor Joe Biden. Biden has made fighting the pandemic one of his most important immediate goals. The pandemic is still out of control in the US. Since the first case became known about a year ago, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, more than 24 million coronavirus infections have been detected in the USA. Around 400,000 people were killed.


Trump had imposed the entry ban for foreigners in mid-March 2020 because of the rapid spread of the corona virus in several European countries. Currently, travelers from the Schengen area, Great Britain and Ireland are not allowed to enter the USA with a few exceptions. Trump had also issued strict entry bans for foreigners from China and Iran and recently introduced extensive entry restrictions for people from Brazil. Travel across the US border to the neighboring countries Canada in the north and Mexico in the south are also restricted because of the pandemic.


The US health authority CDC announced last week that a negative corona test for flights to the US will be mandatory from January 26th. The rule will apply to all international flights to the USA, regardless of the place of departure and the citizenship or visa of the travelers.


Great Britain has the highest corona death rate worldwide

The UK currently has the highest number of corona deaths in the world relative to population. In the last seven-day moving average, there were more than 16.5 deaths per million people. This emerges from a current analysis by the University of Oxford, which refers to data from the Johns Hopkins University. This puts Great Britain just ahead of the Czech Republic and Portugal and well ahead of Germany and the USA, both of which recorded an average of more than nine deaths per million inhabitants during this period.

Again more than 100 new infections in one day in China

China reports 118 new infections. This is the seventh day in a row that the number of infections is more than 100. This is the most serious outbreak of the epidemic since March last year. Most new infections are registered in the northeast Chinese city of Jilin, with 43.


Authorities quarantined more than 28 million people at home in January to help contain the spread of the disease.


EU Commission sets high vaccination target by summer

The EU Commission wants to urge the member states to have at least 70 percent of the population vaccinated by the summer. This emerges from a draft that is available to the Bloomberg news agency and is due to be published on Tuesday. The Commission's paper states that "to ensure ambitious vaccination efforts", concrete targets are essential. This also includes that the member states should have vaccinated at least 80 percent of members of the health and social professions and people over the age of 80 by March 2021.


In addition, the member states should agree on a vaccination certificate