Coronavirus Germany News on January 22, 2021: Brazilian mutation reaches Germany

Coronavirus Germany News on January 22, 2021 Brazilian mutation reaches Germany

Coronavirus Germany News on January 22, 2021: Brazilian mutation reaches Germany

In addition to the widespread coronavirus mutations in Great Britain and South Africa, virologists are worried about Brazil's variant. At Frankfurt Airport, this is now being detected for the first time by a traveler in Germany.

For the first time, proof of the coronavirus variant circulating in Brazil has become known in Germany. The mutant was discovered when a traveler returned to Hesse, said Hesse's Minister of Social Affairs, Kai Klose. According to the Green politician, this is the first evidence in Germany. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) was also not aware of any other evidence.

Virologist Sandra Ciesek said that the person arrived in Frankfurt am Main from Brazil on Thursday. The mutation discovered in Brazil was detected in a PCR test in the laboratory. The sequencing is still pending.

In addition to the variant, which was first detected in Brazil, the focus is currently on two more, which were initially discovered in Great Britain and South Africa and have also been detected in Germany. All three variants are suspected to be more contagious than the wild type of the coronavirus Sars-CoV-2. But there is no evidence that they lead to more severe courses, said Ciesek.

Isolation and quarantine

The case that has now surfaced in Hesse was said to have been reported from an aircraft that a person who tested positive was on board. To her knowledge, this had no symptoms. Because of the country of entry, one had a closer look at the pathogen. The person who tested positive was in isolation; the other passengers were informed by the health authorities and had to be in quarantine, said Ciesek when asked. Klose and Ciesek did not want to give any further details on the case.

According to the RKI, the Brazil variant is similar in its changes to that from South Africa. An "increased transmissibility is considered conceivable." The situation is being "closely monitored."

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