Coronavirus UK Data Updated as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Get Vaccinated, Other Developments

Coronavirus UK Data Updated as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip Get Vaccinated and Other Developments

The pandemic's advance does not stop, due to the new variants - especially the English one - which spread more rapidly. The UK exceeds 80,000 deaths and 3 million cases. Merkel: "Slow start on the administration of vaccines, now let's accelerate." Le Figaro: "Brigitte Macron positive between Christmas and New Year." In the United States, another 3,600 deaths

The pandemic continues to record worrying numbers in Europe and the United States, both infections and victims. The number of cases in the United Kingdom remains very high, exceeding 80 thousand deaths and 3 million infections since the health crisis. Although in the last 24 hours the number of deaths has slightly decreased, the figure remains above a thousand (1,035 against 1,325 yesterday) and new infections 59,937 against 68,053 yesterday (with 620,000 tampons). The increase in hospitalizations is also alarming, with the risk of hospital saturation. According to media reports, the Johnson government and police are determined to tighten up with fines and effective punitive measures against the newly reintroduced lockdown violators. Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II, 94, and Prince Philip, 99, have been vaccinated by a royal doctor at Windsor Castle.

Germany is also striking today, which in the last 24 hours has recorded almost 24,694 new cases and 1,083 deaths, bringing the total number of victims to 39,878. Overwhelmed by the controversy over the slowness in administering vaccines and for having delegated the purchase of doses to the EU, Chancellor Angela Merkel promised to speed up and, recognizing that "it was a slow start," she added: "Some hundreds of thousands of people have been vaccinated, and the number is growing every day. The pace will increase". German Health Minister Jens Spahn also reported that 500,000 people have already been vaccinated in the country. "We are doing more vaccinations every day, and the processes are improving more and more," said the minister, quoted by CNN, underlining that "things are going well and the procedures are performed in a very professional way."

Still, on the vaccine front, France is lagging in Europe and announces that the first doses of the drug Moderna, authorized yesterday by the health authorities in Paris, will arrive on Monday. The situation is alarming in the United States, which with almost 290,000 registered cases (288,677) in 24 hours, set a new record for infections. Many deaths: 3,676 on the last day.

"Brigitte Macron was also positive" - Le Figaro writes that the premier dame, like her husband Emmanuel Macron, also tested positive during the last days of last year spent in BrégançonBrigitte Macron was positive, asymptomatic, in a test carried out on December 24. The French president, who tested positive for Covid-19 on December 17, was in solitary confinement at the official La Lanterne residence in Versailles and returned to the Elysée on December 24 because he did not complain of "more symptoms" related to the coronavirus. According to Europe 1, since the première dame "showed no serious symptoms and in light of the end of the isolation" of the president, the couple "however went to celebrate Christmas at Fort Brégançon."

Brisbane in lockdown due to English variant - The third Australian city, Brisbane, enters lockdown today. The "maximum alert" is in force throughout the country for the emergence of more contagious strains of Covid-19. The closure order for Brisbane's more than two million residents was triggered after the virus's English variant was transmitted by a traveler returning to Australia. The news comes as parts of Sydney prepare to end a weeks-long lockdown following an outbreak that emerged last month. New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard said the state remained on "high alert" due to an increasing number of quarantined travelers testing positive for new variants of Covid-19. Up until today's lockdownBrisbane had been among several Australian cities that enjoyed a return to relative normalcy thanks to the country's success in suppressing the virus. Australia has recorded more than 28,500 cases of Covad -19 and 909 deaths related to the virus, out of a population of about 25 million.

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