Coronavirus UK News on January 21, 2021: British Clinics Resemble War Zones

Coronavirus UK News on January 21, 2021 British Clinics Resemble War Zones

Coronavirus UK News on January 20, 2021

The hospitals in the UK have been working beyond their borders for weeks. The country is now reporting more than 1,800 coronavirus deaths, the highest figure since the pandemic. Prime Minister Johnson speaks of "appalling" numbers - and puts the British in the mood for even worse.

The UK has recorded a peak in coronavirus deaths for the second day in a row: 1,820 deaths were reported within 24 hours. Only the day before, a high had been registered with 1610 deaths. Prime Minister Boris Johnson spoke of "appalling" figures that evening. In a video message, he prepared the country for the worse. "There will be more," said the prime minister.

The reason is a wave of infections before Christmas with the new, even more, contagious virus variant that had spread rapidly in England. This has now arrived in all parts of the country. According to the government, the number of new infections was 38,905 cases on Wednesday, slightly higher than the previous day - but well below the level at the turn of the year, when around 60,000 cases were registered daily.

Hospital admissions (3887) also remained at a high level. Hospitals are under enormous pressure, especially in England. According to the government's leading corona virus advisor, some clinics have turned into "war zones," Patrick Vallance. There is "enormous pressure" on the hospitals, Vallance told Sky News.

London's government is relying on a large-scale vaccination campaign; 4.6 million people have already been vaccinated since the beginning of December. However, Vallance warned that the vaccinations would not result in any noticeable improvement immediately, so efforts must be maintained to avoid close human contact.

"The numbers are absolutely not where they should be," said Vallance. "You still have to go down significantly; we have to hold on to that." The UK is currently in the third lockdown since the coronavirus pandemic began a year ago, and travel restrictions apply. Vallance predicted that restrictions would be slow to be relaxed so that "the effects can be understood."

A total of almost 96,000 deaths have been registered so far, in which Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate. Other calculations show that more than 108,000 people have already died as a result of coronavirus infection.

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