Coronavirus UK News on January 21, 2021: UK Has the Highest Coronavirus Death Rate in the World

Coronavirus UK News on January 21, 2021 UK Has the Highest Coronavirus Death Rate in the World

Coronavirus UK News on January 21, 2021, UK Has the Highest Coronavirus Death Rate in the World

Despite advances in the vaccination program, the UK has more people dying of Covid-19 than anywhere else in the world. The country recorded a new high in coronavirus deaths on Tuesday.

1610 deaths were reported in the country within 24 hours, Public Health England announced on Tuesday. This is the highest number since the coronavirus pandemic began last spring.

The number of new infections was 33,355 cases, lower than in the past few days. A sign that the lockdown measures are slowly taking effect. However, similar to deaths, the number of hospital admissions continues to trend upwards. Almost 4,000 cases were last reported within 24 hours - but the number is always a bit behind the deaths and infections. It is from last Friday. Hospitals are under enormous pressure, especially in England.

The UK currently has the highest number of coronavirus deaths in the world relative to population. On a moving seven-day average, there were recently more than 16.5 deaths per million people. This emerges from a current analysis by the University of Oxford, which refers to Johns Hopkins University data. This puts Great Britain just ahead of the Czech Republic and Portugal and well ahead of Germany and the USA, which recorded an average of more than nine deaths per million inhabitants during this period. Overall, the number of deaths in Great Britain in which Covid-19 was noted on the death certificate is now almost 96,000.

The pandemic particularly hard hits the largest part of England. It is estimated that more than twelve percent of people there had been through a coronavirus infection by December, according to an antibody study by the ONS (Office for National Statistics). That corresponds roughly to every eighth. Nationwide, it is roughly one in ten. However, analyses have shown that the number of antibodies can quickly decrease after infection - the actual value could be higher. In November, the rate in England was just under nine percent.

The number is particularly high in north-east England (Yorkshire and Humber), were just under 17 percent of people showed signs of having had a coronavirus infection. The rate in London is also higher than the national average (16.4). On the other hand, in the southwest of England, only relatively few people have been infected (just under 5 percent). Samples from thousands of people aged 16 and over from private households are analyzed for the evaluation. People cared for in nursing homes, and older adults' homes are not included in the study.

The numbers of vaccinations that have already been carried out are more encouraging. According to the government, more than four million Britons have now received an initial dose. Apart from smaller countries like Israel and several Gulf states, the country is still the lone leader worldwide. More than half of those over 80 and half of nursing home residents in England have already been vaccinated, Health Minister Matt Hancock announced on Monday. The conservative politician went into self-isolation again on Tuesday after receiving a request via the Coronavirus warning app. He was sick with Covid-19 in the spring of last year.

British doctors meanwhile advocated consideration of ethnic minorities in the coronavirus vaccination sequence. "We are concerned because reports show that people from the black and Asian communities are not only more likely to be severely affected by the virus but are also less likely to receive a coronavirus vaccination," said the chairman of the Royal College family doctors' association of General Practitioners, Martin Marshall.

Marshall urged the Department of Health to consider ethnic minorities in the vaccination sequence. Besides, GPs have the right to pay attention to their local communities' specifics and prioritize them if necessary, explained Marshall.

He and several other doctors and consultants also favored an awareness campaign tailored to the target group. "We must make it clear to our communities that the vaccines contain no meat or alcohol and that religious representatives have spoken out in favor of it," said Habib Naqvi of the NHS public health service.

Research showed that ethnic minorities were almost twice as likely to die from Covid-19 as the rest of the population. According to the British statistics agency, the death rate in the first wave of the pandemic was five times higher among male 9- to 64-year-old black Africans and Bangladeshis than among whites.

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