Coronavirus Updates on January 12, 2021

Coronavirus Updates on January 12, 2021

The number of coronavirus cases officially registered in the world has exceeded 90 million, of which 49.9 million recovered since the beginning of the pandemic. According to reports from the University of Johns Hopkins and others, the estimated deaths also range from 1.93 to 1.96 million deaths. The United States remains the most affected country in absolute terms by Covid-19, with over 22 million infections and almost 400,000 deaths. India and Brazil follow.

Coronavirus in the world: 90 million cases exceeded. WHO: "There will be no herd immunity in 2021"

Despite the vaccines, Covid herd immunity will not be achieved in 2021. This is the WHO forecast, which emerged during the usual briefing on the pandemic. Dr. Soumya Swaminathan has, therefore, called for the maintenance of social distancing and templates. Director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus at the same time called for "a collective commitment to ensure that vaccinations for healthcare workers and high-risk individuals are underway in all countries within the next 100 days".


First infection in Micronesia

After the islands of Vanuatu, Solomon, Marshall, and Samoa, the remote Pacific archipelago, so far spared from the pandemic, has also registered its first case of Covid-19. With 100,000 inhabitants, the country has so far managed to limit the infection, said President David Panuelo. The infected man, Panuelo said, is a crew member of the government ship "Chief Mailo", from the Philippines, who remained on board in solitary confinement with his colleagues. The distant islands of Oceania closed their borders well in advance of the rest of the world, despite the enormous cost to all tourism-dependent economies. The Pacific archipelagos of Kiribati, Nauru, Palau, Tonga, and Tuvalu remain Covid-free.

France closing borders

"Our country should consider closing its borders with British variant high-risk countries," explained French epidemiologist Arnaud Fontanet to the broadcaster Bfm TVAccording to the scientist, to contain the pandemic numbers, France should vaccinate 10 to 15 million citizens by the end of March and 25 to 30 million by the end of June.

China, 103 new cases: never so many in 5 months

According to data from the National Health Commission, there are 85 locally transmitted infections, of which 82 in Hebei province, near Beijing, where prevention measures have been strengthened, but there are also small outbreaks in the capital and the Northeast of the Country.

Seychelles, the first African country to start vaccinations

On Sunday, the administration of the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine began in the African archipelago. President Wavel Ramkalawan, together with various personalities of the state, have been vaccinated on live TV. The opening of the vaccination campaign in the country is the first in the continent. The first doses, 50 thousand, donated by the United Arab Emirates, will be for health personnel. By the end of January, Ramkalawan announced, another 100,000 AstraZeneca vaccines will arrive, donated by India. With a population of 98,000 people, Seychelles recorded a total of 531 infections and one death.

WHO in China to find out the origin of the virus

A team of experts will be in China from Thursday to ascertain the origins of Covid-19. The Beijing National Health Commission reported, explaining that the international team of 10 experts "will conduct joint research in cooperation on the origins of Covid-19 together with Chinese scientists". The long-planned mission had already been expected in the middle of last week. Still, surprisingly the green light did not come from Beijing, despite some experts traveling or even already arriving in China, to the point that WHO director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus launched a very rare criticism, saying he was "very disappointed" by the evolution of events.

Japan, a new variant of the virus discovered

The Japanese Ministry of Health has discovered a new variant of the coronavirus arriving from Brazil, different from those of Great Britain and South Africa. The version was found on a man in his forties, his wife in his 30s, and two teenagers. The ministry is working on analyzing the virus, and it is still unclear whether the vaccines currently available can fight it. The positive man had no symptoms when he arrived but was hospitalized after some breathing difficulties. The woman suffered from a headache; the male adolescent had a fever while the girl had no symptoms. Since Friday, a state of emergency has been in force in the Tokyo area; bars and restaurants close at 8 PM.

Australia, compulsory Covid test before inbound flights

Passengers arriving in Australia from overseas will need to test negative for coronavirus before boarding. The prerequisite, which was already in place for charter flights organized by the government for the repatriation of Australian residents, will now be adopted for all flights arriving in the country, with exceptions only for special cases. After the British variant of the coronavirus "escaped" from a hotel quarantine and entered Brisbane's community last week, the National Cabinet drastically reduced the number of overseas travelers allowed to enter Australia.

Brazil over a thousand victims a day

The average daily number of coronavirus victims in Brazil returns to above one thousand, a threshold that had not been exceeded since the beginning of August. In total, the country has registered more than 8 million cases since the start of the pandemic, while the total number of deaths exceeds 200,000. Vaccinations lag in other South American states, such as Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, which have already started administering the first doses. Brazilian health authority Anvisa received a request on Friday for the emergency use of AstraZeneca and Sinovac serums.