Coronavirus Updates on January 15, 2021

Coronavirus Updates on January 15, 2021

The number of coronavirus infections 19 officially registered in the world since the beginning of the pandemic has exceeded 93 million as announced by the American University Johns Hopkins, which also reports 1.99 million total deaths related to the new coronavirus. The most affected country in the world in absolute terms by Covid-19 is the United States, with 23.6 million infections and almost 394,000 deaths. India and Brazil follow.

Health Alert, there could be Two Variants in Brazil

There is growing concern among British and other scientists about the possible virulence related to the further mutation of the coronavirus recently found in Brazil. With the UK government imposing the temporary precautionary closure of the borders from today to travel from all of South America and Portugal, the Brazilian variant is actually more than one, explained Professor Wendy Barclay, head of the G2P-UK National Virology Consortium.

Meanwhile, the pandemic accelerates in Brazil, one of the countries most affected by the pandemic in the world. For the third consecutive day, there have been over a thousand deaths: in the last 24 hours, there have been over 1,100 deaths for a total of 207,000 victims, as reported by the Ministry of Health and the Daily Mail. There are almost 68,000 new cases, the second-highest number since December 17 (69,830). A new variant of the coronavirus has been identified in the country. Great Britain has decided to prevent flights from all over South America, Cape Verde, and Portugal. The Minister of Health has instead made it known that the Chinese vaccine Sinovac has no problems of efficacy and it will be part of the national vaccination plan if the authorities give approval.

China, a new record of cases for 10 months: 144 in one day

China has reported the largest number of daily Covid-19 cases in over 10 months. According to the National Health Commission, yesterday's infections were 144, up from 138 on Wednesday, marking the highest number from 202 cases on March 1. Nine infections came from abroad while 135 of them (90 in the Hebei province surrounding Beijing) were domestic.

Another 43 cases were reported in Heilongjiang, with Guangxi and Shaanxi provinces reporting one each. Chinese health authorities referred to about a thousand people hospitalized for coronavirus.

The United Kingdom, victims in decline but always above one thousand

The deaths from Covid-19 recorded in the last 24 hours in the United Kingdom dropped but remained above 1,000 as the country struggles with the English variant, which is more aggressively contagious. According to data released in the evening, daily deaths stood at 1,248 against yesterday's record of 1,564. The cases surveyed hover below 50,000 far from the peaks of well over 60,000 last week thanks to the first effects of the lockdown reintroduced 10 days ago by Boris Johnson's government. In the meantime, there are still millions of patients on the waiting list for other medical services. According to reports from Guardian, some hospitals in London are forced to transfer patients to other cities such as Newcastle.

France, from today, the early curfew at 6 pm throughout the country

Today at 6 PM the curfew from 6 PM comes into force in France to deal with a new surge in infections (over 21,200 cases in 24 hours), Castex announced yesterday. The prime minister also confirmed that France will require all travelers wishing to enter its territory from a country outside the European Union (EU) a negative Covid-19 test. Those who arrive will still have to undertake to isolate themselves for seven days. The new measures were decided after the discovery of the highly contagious new variants, the English, South African, and Brazilian ones.

Germany, over 2 million infected

Germany has passed 2 million coronavirus infections and the death toll from the pandemic has reached almost 45,000, says the latest update from the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious Diseases as Chancellor Angela Merkel yesterday called for action to curb the deadly virus. Last spring Europe's largest economy and most populous country handled the pandemic better than their neighbors. But it has also seen a sharp rise in cases and deaths recently. Merkel aims to anticipate a meeting with regional leaders to discuss tougher measures and further reduce social contacts.

Airlines Back Biden in the US: "Yes to the obligation of a mask"

A group of American airlines officially supports the proposal of the future Biden administration to oblige, throughout the national territory, the use of masks as protection from Covid-19. Airlines For America, which represents the major airlines, sent a letter to the next president of the United States to utter their backing. The obligation will apply to all people of at least two years of age and will be valid "as long as the pandemic lasts".

Crowds Fall for Fake Vaccine News in New York Streets

Chaos unraveled in New York after the spread of fake news that coronavirus vaccines were available with thousands taking to the streets to avail of the opportunity. Some messages that went viral online claimed that several hundred doses would be distributed at the Brooklyn Army Terminal by Thursday evening and that any adult citizen would be welcome, whether they had an appointment or not. There is a strong demand for the vaccine, which in New York state is currently only available to people over the age of 65, healthcare professionals, and those in some key professions, such as policemen and teachers.

Japan, mass test in Hiroshima

The department of Hiroshima (Western Japan) is preparing to launch the first large-scale coronavirus test campaign, targeting 800,000 people, local authorities announced on Friday. "We want to identify positive cases as soon as possible to prevent the spread of the virus," Kazuhiro Saito, a department official told AFP. The tests will be carried out on volunteers who live or work in certain neighborhoods of the city, which has a population of around 1.2 million. Eleven Japanese departments, excluding Hiroshima, are currently in a state of emergency that will last at least until February 7, as Japan is experiencing the worst wave of infections since the pandemic began. Japan has been criticized in the past for its strategy of testing a limited number of people, unlike mass testing in other countries. Japanese health experts have so far ensured that targeted testing, combined with contact case tracking, is a more effective method. The archipelago has been relatively spared from the pandemic compared to many other regions of the world.

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