Coronavirus Updates on January 17, 2021

Coronavirus Updates on January 17, 2021

How many people have died from coronavirus?     

The entire world is going through a unique health crisis due to the coronavirus pandemic with over 95 million coronavirus cases and 2.03 million deaths across the world. On January 17, 2021, the total number of coronavirus cases stood at 95,185,023 (707,940 on January 16), while the number of coronavirus toll hovered around 2,045,006 (14,160 on January 16).

Austria extends the lockdown until February 7

In Austria, the government's announcement of the extension of the lockdown until the end of February 7 due to the Covid-19 pandemic is expected today at 11 am. The new deadline was decided last night during a meeting between the government and the leaders of the Laender. On December 26, Austria entered the third lockdown, which had an initial deadline set for today, then extended to January 24. From February 8, the shops will probably be reopened, and Ffp2 masks will be made mandatory. Perhaps we will have to wait until early March for the reopening of hotels and restaurants.

The UK clashes in Birmingham at the anti-lockdown protest

Several hundred protesters opposed the lockdown measures for Covid-19 gathered without masks in Birmingham's center last night, where they clashed with police. At least 11 people were arrested. Many of the protesters were deniers and followers of conspiracy theories. The protest rallied despite the ban on gathering and the warnings of the health authorities and health personnel of a country that in the last 24 hours has counted 1,295 deaths and where the "English variant" of the coronavirus is spreading, which doctors believe very much more contagious than the original strain.

China, coronavirus found in ice cream

The coronavirus was found in ice cream produced in eastern China, which caused an entire batch of the product to be recalled. The government says the Tianjin-based company near Beijing has been sealed off, and employees have been tested. No one appears to have contracted the virus from ice cream. Most of the 29,000 packs of ice cream had not yet been sold, while 390 had already ended up on the market but were already identified. The ingredients included New Zealand milk powder and whey powder from Ukraine, the Chinese government said. The country's authorities have suggested that the disease, first detected in Wuhan's center in late 2019, came from abroad and claimed to have detected the coronavirus on imported fish and other foods. A theory that foreign scientists are skeptical of.

Brazil, B footballer discovers he is positive at half-time

In Brazil, put in severe crisis by the pandemic, with the fifth day with over a thousand deaths and with the Amazon running out of oxygen cylinders, it also happens that a Serie B footballer learns that he is positive in the interval of a match. The protagonist is Valdivia, midfielder of Avai, Florianopolis team. The player had made a first test 72 hours before the match against the CSA and was negative. Before yesterday's match, he made an additional buffer to play the match scheduled for Tuesday against Juventude. In this case, it was positive, but the result came when the race with the CSA had already started. "In the interval, the Brazilian Football Confederation informed us that Valdivia was positive," the club said in a statement, in which it specifies that the player is asymptomatic. Replacement and immediate isolation were inevitable for him.