Coronavirus US News-January 3, 2021

Coronavirus US News-January 3, 2021

Coronavirus US News on January 3, 2021

President Donald Trump claimed the numbers were vastly exaggerated after the United States crossed the 350,000 death toll from COVID-19. They are only so high because of the count by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In case of doubt, everything would be declared as coronavirus. He called the statistics "fake news." In the show This Week on ABC News Anthony Fauci said, the numbers are real. One only has to step into the trenches and visit the doctors and nurses in hospitals to find out. US Surgeon General Jerome Adams said, referring to Trump's Sunday morning tweet on CNN-Send State of the Union that there was no reason to doubt the numbers. This applies not only to the deaths but also to the number of cases and hospitalizations. There would be a finish line because of the vaccines, but you still have to run towards it.

The Coronavirus Task Force of the White House warned in its regular report to the states that a new variant originating in the United States may have spread in the United States. This could explain the increase in the number of infections if the variant is 50% more contagious.

Moncef Slaoui, one of the directors of Operation Warp Speed for vaccine distribution, discussed strategies for advancing vaccinations on Face the Nation. Slaoui rejected a vaccination strategy launched in the UK that gave only the first of the two vaccinations. However, his operation is under discussion with Moderna and the FDA as to whether it would be enough to give half a vaccine dose instead of a full one.

New House members and Senators to the 117th United States Congress took their oath of office and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was re-elected. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no guests of the new MPs were allowed and the usual banquets were waived.