Coronavirus US News on January 23, 2021: Biden Presents Coronavirus Strategy

Coronavirus US News on January 23, 2021 Biden Presents Coronavirus Strategy

Coronavirus US News on January 23, 2021: Biden Presents Coronavirus Strategy

The new US President has presented his strategy in the fight against Corona. Travelers to the USA must show a negative test and be in quarantine. Anthony Fauci will be at his side as a consultant.

Anthony Fauci was clearly in a good mood. The popular and well-known immunologist was again a guest in the press room of the White House yesterday for a long time. "Do you think you'll be back?" Asked a journalist. "I think so," laughed Fauci, whose advice was no longer sought by the Trump administration.

Now Joe Biden has brought the 80-year-old on board as a consultant on Covid-19, and after initial discussions with the President, Fauci was impressed that science should now have the floor again. It was a kind of liberating feeling, said Fauci.

Biden worried

The new president himself sounded less liberated than concerned. Joe Biden presented his Covid strategy yesterday and warned the Americans. "We are still in the dark winter of the pandemic," said Biden, "it only gets worse before it gets better". Half a million Americans could have died as a result of Covid-19 by next month.

Biden's government now wants to stop the spread of the virus, the mutated variant of which has now appeared in many states. Anyone flying to the US from another country will need to be tested prior to flight and be quarantined when they arrive in the US. With this, Biden essentially confirmed a decision that the CDC health authority announced last week. But he didn't give any further details.

Mask requirement on bus, train and plane

He urged the Americans in the country to wear masks for the next 99 days. In future, all people who travel between the US states, on buses, trains and airplanes, will be required to wear a mask.

The new president also wants to accelerate the production of vaccines and vaccinate more Americans faster than before. 100 million vaccine doses are to be injected over the next 100 days. One of the biggest operational challenges the US has had to face so far, but "we'll get it done," promised Biden. In order to distribute the vaccine in disadvantaged and remote areas, the new government wants to work with the large pharmacy chains. 

Biden not only announced that they would make these decisions and processes transparent. He also promised a different error culture than before. If the government makes a mistake, it will not point a finger at others, but will explain what has happened.

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