Countries without any coronavirus cases

The World Health Organization explains that most of the territories that the coronavirus has not reached are islands or archipelagos.

COVID-19 has spread uncontrollably around the world, causing more than one and a half million deaths. However, there are still corners that the virus has not been able to reach, as reflected in the map prepared by the University of John Hopkins, explains the World Health Organization (WHO). Most of the territories without registered infections or deaths are islands and archipelagos. Among them, we can find some such as the Republic of Palau and the Federated States of Micronesia.

According to the WHO, other countries that have not suffered the ravages of the coronavirus are NauruKiribatiTuvaluSamoaTonga, or North Korea. Therefore, and since the first case was registered in the Chinese city of Wuhan in November 2019, only eight nations remain free of coronavirus. The last to leave this privileged list have been the Marshall Islands, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, where there have been 4, 17, and 1 cases during the last months, respectively.

Second devastating wave in Europe

In total, the pandemic has caused 75 million infections and 1.6 million deaths worldwide, according to the map of John Hopkins University. During much of this crisis, the most affected country has been the United States, where there have been 17 million infections and more than 310,000 deaths since January. It is followed by India and Brazil, where 17 and 7 million infections have been confirmed since the pandemic began, respectively. Among the nations most affected by the COVID-19 crisis, we can also Russia, with 2.7 million accumulated cases, France (2,499,529) and the United Kingdom(1,982,847).

These are followed by others such as Turkey (1,982,090), Italy (1,921,778), Spain (1,797,236) and Argentina, which, with 1,531,374 infections, is in tenth position.

These data are due, in part, to the tremendous force with which the second wave has arrived since the United States continues to register more than 250,000 cases and 3,000 deaths every day. However, if there is a territory with which COVID-19 is being especially cruel in this second wave, it is Europe, where it has become more lethal than in the first. In recent days, countries such as GermanyFrance, or Italy have seen the number of deaths from coronavirus double compared to the previous day. Last Wednesday, Germany registered 952 deaths, the highest daily death toll since last December.