Italy takes over Britain reversing the coronavirus picture in May 2020

Italy takes over the United Kingdom as the country with the highest losses in Europe, reversing the picture in place since the UK superseded the country in terms of losses back in May 2020, as reported by BBC.

Italy is once again the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in Europe. According to data from the Italian Ministry of Health, even though the country registered a decrease in deaths on Saturday with 649 compared to the peak of 887 deaths on Thursday, the number of cases in the last 24 hours has reached 19,903, a thousand more than on the eve. On December 13, the death toll from the disease on Italian soil stands at 64,520. The total number of infected is 1,843,712 people.

This means that the transalpine country has overtaken the United Kingdom as the worst hit by the pandemic. The British accumulate a total of 1,849,403 cases yet 64,170 fatalities due to the disease. The Italian health authorities have transferred that, so far, 29,088 people remain hospitalized, of which 3,199 are in intensive care units.

According to the Adnkronos agency, the prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, would be considering annulling the prohibition to travel between municipalities issued for December 25 and 26 and January 1 due to the pressure received regarded by some members of the coalition of government.

In any case, the decision has not been taken, and the prime minister plans to maintain contacts in this regard upon his return on Friday from Brussels, where he participates in the European Council.