Merkel Open to Producing Coronavirus Vaccines with Russia

Merkel Open to Producing Coronavirus Vaccines with Russia

The German Government confirmed that Chancellor Angela Merkel had a telephone conversation yesterday with Russian President Vladimir Putin. She expressed her willingness to bilateral cooperation to explore the productive capacity to create a vaccine against coronavirus.

In her conversation with the head of the Kremlin, the chancellor stressed that "it is open to bilateral cooperation to facilitate productive capacity in Europe," Ulrike Demmer, deputy spokesman for the German Executive, said at a regular press conference as reported by CNBC.

The spokesperson was if Germany considered the possibility of vaccinating its population with the Russian Sputnik V vaccine. Demmer said, "if it is about opening the productive capacity in Europe to the manufacture of the Russian vaccine," this would only be possible with prior authorization from the European Medicines Agency (EMA).


In the same vein, the Health spokesman, Sebastian Gülde, stated that "as soon as there is an authorization request, it will be analyzed correspondingly by the EMA". However, he specified that he is not aware that the Russian side such request has been made.

The Russian government had already informed yesterday of the talks between Putin and Merkel, in which both leaders discussed, according to the Kremlin, the possibility of joint production of vaccines against covid-19.