No Alcohol until 42 Days after the Injection of Sputnik V, the Russian Vaccine

The Deputy Prime Minister, Tatiana Golikova, has recommended that vaccinated people avoid public places and the consumption of alcohol.

The Russian vaccine against the coronavirus, Sputnik V, showed 95% effectiveness against the coronavirus disease a few weeks ago. After days of waiting, the mass vaccination process began in Moscow on Saturday, and it will spread throughout the country over the next few weeks. Going to the supply of the drug is voluntary, and the vaccination process consists of two doses, so those who have gone to get vaccinated this weekend will have to return within three weeks. The Russian citizens will have to make a prior appointment to go to the authorized vaccination centers, which is requested through the internet on the City Council services portal.

Put that bottle down

Without knowing the first vaccine receivers will develop side effects, the Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golíkova, who is in charge of the vaccination plan, has given bad news to her compatriots: not drinking alcohol for 42 days after the intake of the drug. "Those vaccinated should avoid public places and reduce the intake of drugs and alcohol, which could suppress the immune system, within the first 42 days after having applied the first of the two doses," she warned.

Data is not improving in Russia

The coronavirus pandemic does ease down in Russia, recorded 28,142 new cases and 456 deaths on December 7, bringing the total to 2,488,912 infections and 43,597 fatalities since the start of the health crisis. Most of the new positive cases have been detected in Moscow, with 7,279 cases.

After the latest contagion data, Russia is in the fourth place of countries most affected by Covid-19, behind the United States, India and Brazil. The top ten is accounted for France, followed by Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, Argentina and Colombia.