South Africa exceeds 10,000 daily infections due to covid-19

South Africa surpassed 10,000 new daily cases of coronavirus this week, the Health Ministry reported in a statement, coinciding with the announcement of new restrictions, such as an extended curfew and the closure of some beaches.

"We have passed 10,000 cases; our daily infections increase ... our positive rate is 21% of the tests performed," Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said Wednesday night.

The most affected regions are the south of the country, in the Cape Town area, with a third of the cases, followed by the Johannesburg region, the economic capital.

"Citizens who go to authorized beaches will have to take precautions so that the days of joy do not turn into days of regret and result in more infections and deaths," added Mkhize.

In total, this country of 58 million people has already officially registered almost 24,000 deaths and more than 883,000 infections since the start of the pandemic.

South Africa now comprises over 60% of daily new cases identifiedin sub-Saharan Africa.

Why are cases rising in South Africa?

After a decline in reported cases for a quarter, the government is now addressing a second wave as the country's health ministry says most of the new infections have been amongst those aged 15-19. The situation is believed to stem from a large number of big celebrations in recent weeks some of which marked the end of exams and of the academic year.