South Korea Registers New Record with almost 1000 Coronavirus Cases

Seoul metropolitan area, where 150 new temporary testing centers have been installed, have detected 512 cases out of the 689 in the last hours

A Radical Jump from 600 to 950 cases

Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA, according to its acronym in English) confirmed Friday for the third consecutive day nearly 700 new infections of coronavirus, while health authorities warn of the possibility of a hospital collapse. On this occasion, 689 new cases were diagnosed, of which 673 were of community transmission and 16 from abroad, with four arriving from the United States, from various African countries and Europe. South Korean news agency Yonhap reported that the number rose to 950 on December 12. These statistics from South Korea increased the total caseload and deaths to 41,736 and 578, respectively, according to KDCA. 

In the Seoul metropolitan area, 150 new makeshift centers have been installed to test for coronavirus over the next three weeks, with the city accounting for over 70 percent of the total infections.

New Measures against the Second Wave

The Minister of Health, Park Neung-hoo, has recognized that the health system's capacity is at risk of reaching its limit should the situation continue as before as the current pandemic wave is more extensive and prolonged than the previous one. Given the pronounced rise in daily cases, health authorities have decreed a tightening of security measures starting this Tuesday for the next three weeks, with the closure of nightlife centers, bars, gyms, and restrictions on capacity and the hours of other establishments, such as cinemas, academies, hairdressers, or bookstores. In turn, meetings of 50 or more people are prohibited. Public transport may not operate at more than 30 percent of its capacity. Sports events may not accommodate spectators in stadiums, while religious services will not be in person.