The UK Government Extends the Lockdown as a Third Coronavirus Strain is Found

A further variant of Covid-19 has been identified in the United Kingdom. This was announced by the British Minister of Health Matt Hancock who reports two cases tracked at the moment. The government has also decided to extend the rigid lockdown to other areas.

The new strain would apparently be linked to South Africa, and therefore the British government has placed "immediate restrictions" on arrivals from this country, Hancock announced. There is a quarantine obligation for those who have arrived from the African country in the last two weeks and for their contacts. 

The lockdown extends

And therefore the British government can only choose to go towards the extension of a rigid lockdown, currently planned for London and south-east England, to other areas of the United Kingdom in order to counter the highly infectious Covid variant. This was stated by the Minister for Local Communities, Robert Jenrick, stressing that the tightening of measures, with the application of the regime known as 'Tier 4' (maximum level of coronavirus alert), could start starting from Boxing Day. Jenrick said the government's operational committee must meet today and a decision on further actions must be announced "as soon as possible".

Among the hypotheses, that of inserting Sussex, some parts of the Midlands and northern England in the 'Tier 4'. "We need to assess whether the tiered system is effective enough or if we need to take further action at some point in the future," Jenrick said in an interview with BBC Breakfast this morning.