Turkey's Coronavirus Statistics as of Early January 9

Turkey's Coronavirus Statistics as of Early January 9

The viral pneumonia pandemic is expanding throughout the world, and concern is also growing as the number of coronavirus cases is contingent on the number of those detected.

Turkey has been subject to much criticism over the way it reports the coronavirus statistics by curbing the number of reported ones and sufficing to report only the patients (not all those tested positive) for over three months in 2020.

On January 8, 2,307,581 cases of infection, 22,450 deaths, and 2,182,145 of recovered have been reported in Turkey. These figures are released daily by the World Health Organization (WHO). 11,479 more cases of coronavirus were registered in Turkey together with 1,291 patients. Also, 186 coronavirus patients passed away.

Cases drop across the four biggest cities, including the capital city Ankara and Istanbul

On Friday, Turkey reported a significant drop in the countrywide number of coronavirus cases over the last two weeks. Health Minister Fahrettin Koca tweeted that there had been a 40% drop in the caseload in Istanbul and Izmir, and a reduction of roughly 60% both in the capital Ankara and the city of Bursa. After meeting with public health authorities in four of Turkey's biggest cities, Minister Koca highlighted that they had discussed preparations to launch Turkey's vaccination campaign.

Turkey ranks 7th in terms of coronavirus cases

Turkey is ranked 7th among countries with the highest number of coronavirus cases including the United States 22,357,679, India 10,432,525, Brazil 8,01,3708, Russia 3,355,794, United Kingdom 2,966,193, France 2,809,746, Turkey 2,307,581, Italy 2,237,890, Spain 2,050,360, Germany 1,891,958.

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