UK to Approve AstraZeneca and Oxford's Coronavirus Vaccine before 2021

This dose against coronavirus could be approved by the United Kingdom before the end of the year, between December 28 and 29, the second with the country's green light.

Before the end of this fateful year, 2020, yet another vaccine could join Pfizer's in the United Kingdom within its vaccination plan. This is the dose developed by Oxford in collaboration with AstraZeneca, once the final data is finally given the green light, which is estimated to be in the hands of the health regulator next Monday.

According to English government sources, in information published by 'The Telegraph,' the Oxford corona virus vaccine is about to be approved and ready to be distributed. Around December 28 or 29, the final confirmation could arrive that it is ready to be injected throughout the country. It would be the second to be approved in the UK after Pfizer.

If it occurs, and if it goes hand in hand with the opening of vaccination centers, we would be talking about a massive vaccination process throughout the country, with the capacity to apply the vaccine to millions of people per week and 20 million until March.

A confirmation that would match the estimates

Last week, UK Health Minister Matt Hancock told the BBC that approval was close: "We are very hopeful that this will get approval ... We hope it will materialize in the next two weeks.If this information advanced by the national media is confirmed, it would be a reinforcement for the vaccination plan of the Boris Johnson government.

While waiting for the vaccine from Oxford and AstraZeneca, the United Kingdom had already started to supply doses, not with its own, produced domestically, but with that of Pfizer. By this weekend, it is expected that 500,000 people have received the vaccine, which was the first to approve it worldwide. And by next week, more than 200,000 people a day are expected to receive it, that is, more than a million before Christmas.

A reinforcement at a bad time for the country

The news comes just as infections are on the rise in the UK again, which according to scientists, will worsen with the relaxation of the rules for Christmas. Therefore, Boris Johnson brought together his ministers with the aim of tightening the restrictions. Recently a new strain was reported that was causing a more rapid spread in the south of the country.

In addition to Pfizer, the UK has already ordered 100 million doses of the Oxford vaccine, 4 million of them to arrive immediately. It must be remembered that it is much more practical and easy to preserve because it does not have to be done at temperatures below zero. Thus, with these facilities and this request, it is intended that millions of people have already been vaccinated in spring, and the restrictions are much less.

For example, already in January, there is the intention that football stadiums and other venues intended for the masses will be opened as a reinforcement for vaccination, according to 'The Telegraph,' which will have a dimension like never seen before.