WHO Declares the Worst Day of the Pandemic

The agency registered more than 13,000 deaths and 692,000 new infections, indicating that the second wave is far from over.

After almost a year of pandemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) registered in the last 24 hours more than 13,000 deaths and 692,000 new infections. These are the worst daily figures since the first case was detected, and the total stands at 69.8 million infections and 1.58 fatalities.

Despite the fact that global cases fell two weeks ago as infections decreased in Europe, the trend has not consolidated, as shown by world figures. If it continues like this, it would be a sign that the second wave is far from over.

The continent that reported the most infections was America, with 328,000, while Europe registered 273,000. However, the third most affected area, South Asia, did decrease the number of infections. 

The most affected countries

Regarding the situation by country, the United States adds 15.4 million cases, and its curve continues to rise. India, the second most affected country with 9.8 million positives, lowered its figures, but they rose in both Brazil and Russia. On the European continent, France and the United Kingdom show some stabilization. As for the next worst-hit countries, which are Italy and Spain, their curve continues downward.

Almost 50 million recovered

According to data provided by national health systems, recovered patients around the planet are close to 50 million. Of the 20 million active patients, around 106,000 are in serious condition.