WHO's advice for family reunions

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends using the mask at family gatherings to avoid the third wave of coronavirus in Europe.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned about the "high risk" of a third wave of coronavirus in Europe in the first weeks of 2021 as a result of the celebration of the Christmas holidays, so they have insisted on the importance of the use of masks.

"It is true that in recent weeks the epidemiological situation on the continent has slightly improved. However, the transmission of the virus is still high, and the risk of a third wave occurring in the first weeks of 2021 is there", they explain from the WHO.

Therefore, WHO has insisted on the individual responsibility that falls on each citizen to "assess the importance of their decisions", as they may have relevance in the pandemic's evolution. To do this, they have urged to comply with the basic measures so that Christmas is "the quietest and safest."

Masked and outdoor meetings

The WHO has indicated that indoor gatherings are the places where coronavirus outbreaks are most likely to appear. Therefore, they recommend wearing a mask at all times and that there is social distancing between all people. It is also essential that they take place outdoors or, failing that, that the ventilation is adequate.

"It is uncomfortable to be estranged from family or friends, but it is necessary so that we are all safer," they add.

Finally, the WHO recommends avoiding "crowded" means of transport and not holding mass meetings. In this direction, the organism's advice is to adapt activities to avoid these collapses of people, for example, in the inns of ski resorts.