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Why our Coronavirus Tracker?

Coronavirus statistics have been the most challenging task for governments to fulfill, let alone the healthcare professionals, institutions and media operating without the means imaginable within the government apparatus... We have designed CoronaBeam's tracker or coronavirus word map to offer a better follow-up of coronavirus cases, a dynamic coronavirus map and a seamless transition between the tables and map with one click. Our tracker boasts many dynamic features, including the global coronavirus stats, day-to-day comparisons, and countries' ranking based on parameters like the testing instances, patients and mortalities.

How to Use our Tracker?

Our visitors looking for coronavirus world map or coronavirus statistics will typically stumble upon the CoronaBeam homepage before switching to the tracker function unless they landed on this page directly. Alternatively, the rotating virus icon on this layout left-hand side will take you, upon click, to our homepage, where you can go through everything about Covid-19 in brief, a timeline, prevention and intervention measures, FAQs, and news. You will notice the practical listing of countries on the dashboard according to specific categories, including alphabetical order, weight whereby they contribute to the coronavirus statistics. Just tinker with the layout to familiarize yourself with our platform and ensure that...

Offering on the Coronavirus Tracker Dashboard

Aware of people's wish to discover more, we wanted to offer maximum convenience and ensured that the news section is also an integral part of this dashboard. Remember that we appreciate constructive interaction and feedback, so you will be able to reply to these news pieces as well as share them to notify others.

A Tracker in the Making...

Observing that a coronavirus tracker should be conceived with a professional viewpoint and precise layout, not as a fleeting pastime endeavor, our team wanted to speak its peace and concluded the coronavirus stats platform after dozens of alternative designs... A team of coders, designers, translators, copywriters and medical editors combined their talents to come up with a design as an alternative to the worldometers. Availing of continuous internal and external feedback, we secure our database with a TLS certificate and frequently update it for more precise information regarding the course of the most significant pandemic of the 21st century.

We are glad that our tracker sets itself apart, creating massive convenience to inspect the newest coronavirus updates in respective provinces and countries, saving visitors from technicalities and the trouble of never-ending page loads. Likewise, our visitors will notice that they can reach a versatile news module readily integrated into this sleek, responsive and robust tracker to assure the follow-up of new stories on one single page.

What is Next in our Corona Tracker?

CoronaBeam plans to include the number of vaccines in this tracker as in-progress or ongoing initiatives so that WHO's COVAX initiative also finds a voice. Please do kindly write to us if you believe that a feature can be better designed, explained or indicated so that we can revert (and make the most expedited changes).